Our Story




The SMS Cares fund was created in immediate response to Hurricane Katrina and the other hurricanes of 2005 that devastated the Gulf Coast region. SMS Holdings employees nationwide wanted to help their colleagues in the region. The company quickly amassed $75,000 including matching funds from the corporation and was able to assist many SMS Holdings families affected in the region. The fund continues today to assist SMS Holdings employees and their families impacted by natural disasters, house fires, and other personal tragedies.

About SMS Holdings

SMS Holdings began in 1988 as a small entrepreneurial enterprise built on hard work and teamwork. Our late founder Bill Coakley was passionate about his business but more importantly about the people with whom he worked.

The company has grown to become a family of operating companies providing a multitude of services nationwide that continue his priority on family. SMS Holdings includes Service Management Systems, Block by Block, PrimeFlight Aviation, FirstLine Transportation Security, and ServiceWear Apparel. Visit the websites via the logos below for more information

Coakley authored the SMS Holdings Way that articulates his vision based on 12 core values that are still practiced today nationwide. Read The SMS Holdings Way here to discover more about those values: honesty, integrity, hard work, fairness, appreciation, fun, humility, growth, achievement, loyalty, God-centered, and faith-based.