Apply for Assistance


Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicant/recipient must be an employee of SMS Holdings or one of its subsidiaries.
  • Applicant, or someone acting on his/her behalf must submit an application to the committee (download at right).
  • Applicant must indicate true need and hardship caused directly or indirectly by natural disaster or personal tragedy (subject to Fund approval).
  • Applicant must have shown effort to gain assistance from insurance companies, government agencies and/or other charitable organizations.
  • Committee will provide early assistance to help with immediate needs and will later re-evaluate on a case-by-case basis for long-term assistance
  • Funds may be disbursed directly to the affected employee or may be used to purchase gift cards or merchandise to meet specific needs (as determined by Fund).


If you meet all eligibility criteria …

Download the application form here and submit to your supervisor when complete. Completed forms may also be faxed or mailed to the address or number below. Be sure that your name, address, phone, email (if available) and SMS Holdings company name are legible. Applications are evaluated in the order they are received.

SMS Cares will evaluate each application against the criteria and details submitted on the application. Not all applications will receive assistance. The SMS Cares Fund will offer all applicants additional information on possible resources for support.


Contact Information

SMS Cares Fund

Fax: 866-216-9065

The SMS Cares staff is not accessible by phone. All applications will receive a response in a reasonable period of time following submission. Reasons for denied applications will be provided in the response. Please do not re-submit denied applications unless the verifiable details of your situation have changed.