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About SMS Cares

When an unexpected tragedy affects a member of the SMS Holdings family, SMS Cares is there to help. Funded by donations, SMS Cares provides monetary assistance to employees affected by unexpected personal tragedy, such as life altering/threatening health or financial related crisis or due to devastating loss as the result of a natural disaster such as a hurricane, wildfire or flood.

The SMS Cares fund was originally created in immediate response to Hurricane Katrina of 2005 in the Gulf Coast region. SMS Holdings employees nationwide wanted to help their colleagues. Through employee contributions, $75,000 was quickly amassed, including matching funds from the corporation. Through the compassion and generosity of our employees, SMS Cares has become an emergency resource to assist hundreds of families over the years, since its inception.

To this day, SMS Cares has continued to assist families throughout the nation, who have been affected by personal tragedy or natural disaster. Some recipients of assistance been victims of random acts of violence; critical accidents others have been affected by unexpected health and medically related issues. As a 501(c) (3) organization, 100% of all funds contributed go to supporting fellow employees in times of need.

About SMS Holdings

SMS Holdings began in 1988 as a small entrepreneurial enterprise built on hard work and teamwork. Our late founder, Bill Coakley, was passionate about his business but more importantly about the people with whom he worked.

The company has grown to become a family of operating companies providing a multitude of services nationwide that continue his priority on family. SMS Holdings includes Block by Block, FirstLine Transportation Security, Service Management Systems, ServiceWear Apparel and our most recent acquired companies, Salon Independence, WTC Ventures and Your Pie. We invite you to learn more about the SMS Holdings and our family of companies.

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