Apply for SCHOLARS Program

SMS Holdings is proud to announce a new benefit offered through SMS Cares, its SCHOLARS Program. Employees that are looking to broaden their education now have an opportunity to apply for tuition assistance. Below are the key eligibility requirements to apply:


Full-time employees (US Only) in good standing with one or more years of employment with SMS Holdings Corp., or one of its operating companies, are eligible to apply. Applicants must complete and submit the SCHOLARS Program Application, including their responses to the essay questions. The SMS Cares Committee will review and either approve or decline the submitted applications.

SCHOLARS Program is available for courses of study from the following:

All applications should be submitted to the SMS Cares Committee at least 30 days in advance of an upcoming term or semester, but can be submitted sooner.

Program Limit and Payment of Scholarship

Under the SCHOLARS Program, an employee may apply for up to $1,000 per semester, not to exceed $1,000 per year.

If awarded, one half of the assistance will be issued to the educational institution. Upon successful completion of the course/semester, with a cumulative minimum “B” (or equivalent) average, the second half of the assistance will be paid to the employee. A final grade from the educational institution must be provided to SMS Cares for approval of the final assistance payment. If the employee is no longer employed by SMS Holdings at the time of course completion, there will be no further payment made on their behalf and the employee agrees they will pay the first one half of assistance back to SMS Cares.

By signing the SCHOLARS Program Application, an employee agrees to reimburse all funds paid on their behalf by SMS Cares, in the event that their employment terminates prior to the completion of their course of study and receipt of their final grade.

Below are the SCHOLARS application forms in both .pdf and Microsoft Word formats. Click one of the links below to download the format that works best for you.

PDF Download
Word Download