When our fellow employees suffer tragedy, we want to lend a helping hand. By working together through the SMS Cares Fund, we can provide vital assistance to our coworkers.

SMS Cares is a natural disaster and personal tragedy relief fund that was created in response to Hurricane Katrina and other Gulf coast hurricanes of 2005 that devastated the region. SMS Cares has continued to help many families throughout the nation, who have been affected by personal tragedy. Some have been victims of random acts of violence, others are hit with unexpected healthcare issues or deaths in the family.

It’s easy to help your community by making a donation to SMS Cares through payroll deduction. Giving just a few dollars a week can make a big difference in someone’s life, maybe even yours.

SMS Proves You Don’t Need a Lot to Give a Lot

SMS Proves You Don’t Need a Lot to Give a Lot

The brownstone of an SMS Housekeeper is known to her community as the house with a heart. She makes sure that the kids on her block are safe and fed each evening, and she encourages them to work on their studies, even tutoring them when she can. She has limited income but is always sharing everything she has to be sure that the neighborhood kids have fun and study hard without a worry about their next meal. Her coworkers at SMS have begun contributing canned goods and other items to benefit the poor kids in the neighborhood. She has been doing this for years and recently attended the college graduation of some kids she helped years ago.

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