How to Give


  • Payroll Deduction

    Download printable form here and fax or mail with your signature

  • Personal Check

    Donate directly to the SMS Cares Fund by mailing your donation to the address to the right.

  • Donate Your Time

    Email to discover volunteer opportunities in your area

  • Donate Supplies or Materials

    Email to discover SMS Holdings family needs in your area

Contact Information

SMS Cares Fund

7135 Charlotte Pike, Suite 100

Nashville, TN 37209


Please submit any payroll deduction forms to your supervisor.

Important Note:

It is our hope that you will designate an amount that can be a perpetual gift with no end date. With this in mind, you may want to consider a smaller amount that will not hurt your financial budget. If this is not possible, then certainly you can note a fixed duration.

SMS Cares is a 501(c)3 organization.